Astec Portable Double Barrel Drum Mixer RAP-16410

Astec Portable Double Barrel Drum Mixer RAP-16410

Condition: Used

Region: East

Size: 400TPH

EQ Type: Drum Mixer

SKU: RAP-16410

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Category: Drum Only – Portable

  • 9’ x 37’ Shell. Original model year 1988
  • Model PDDC-937C
  • Left hand discharge, gravity feed inlet
  • Starjet 580 burner 360z 100hp blower. Combo fuel setup for waste oil
  • 250hp wrap chain drive with Rex Jupiter reducer
  • Portable tri axle frame
  • Complete set of tips arms and shanks included not installed.
  • New drive chain girth and drive sprocket
  • Shell liner included but appear to be intended to be put on the outside of the shell
  • Thickness readings :.302.322.283.237.361.312.
  • Frame with shell – 12’6’’ wide x 14’6’’ high x 66’ OAL
  • 53’ to first axle 57’ to second 61’ to third
  • Brakes, tires, air bags, air lines replaced new and unit was recently moved
  • Outer shell, burner, and breaches hauled separately on misc loads

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