New Equipment Cold Feed Systems

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Cold Feed Bins

Reliable Asphalt Products provides the most accurate cold feed systems offered anywhere in the industry.  From single bin add-on designs to large capacity multiple bin arrangements, our cold feed systems are ruggedly built.  All systems are engineered with the highest quality steel to extend the operational life of the bins.  Our cold feed systems are manufactured with heavy-duty columns, steeply sloped walls, and wide openings that promote an accurate and even flow of aggregate to the belt feeder.  Each belt feeder is equipped with a mounted tach feedback.


  • Offered in Portable, Stationary, or Skid Mount Arrangements
  • Minimal On-site Assembly Required
  • More Aggregates and Better Accuracy for Specialty Mix Designs
  • Can Be Retrofit to Any Existing Brand Cold Feed System for Extended Capacity
  • Standard or Skirtless Belt Feeder Designs to Maximize Aggregate Flow and Prevent Buildup
  • Compatible with Any Existing Control System
  • Optional Bin Extenders Available for Added Capacity
  • Tapered Sidewalls
  • Adjustable Radial Gates
  • AC, DC and Eddy Current Drives Available

Available in portable or stationary