Burke Liquid Handling

Burke Hot Oil Heaters

With over 20 years of operation experience, Reliable Asphalt Products understands the importance of fuel efficiency and the reduction of maintenance cost at a hot mix facility. With that in mind, we are proud to offer Burke Hot Oil Heaters. Our hot oil heaters are the perfect choice if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for all your plant heating needs. Our highly efficient hot oil heaters are an example of our rigid engineering and manufacturing standards. Our design can substantially save hotmix producers thousands of dollars in heating cost, reduce maintenance, and provide a variety of options for fuel to suit the producer’s specific plant needs.

Burke Hot Oil Heaters are available in 1.5 million BTU capacities on up. The heater includes a site-level indicator, automatic controls, and burner with an optional gas/oil combination. This efficient system features a conservative design with a large coil diameter. The coils in the radiant section are exposed to the hot gases that transfer heat within the circumference of the tubes and into the heat transfer fluid. Gases are then passed back over the outside of the surface of the tubes. This highly efficient double-pass heating system allows more heat to transfer to the thermal fluid. The heater shell is composed of many layers of industrial grade insulation to prevent seam gaps due to shrinkage of fibers. Our advanced hot oil heating systems are all built to ASME standards and require minimal maintenance oversight.

Burke Heating Systems Hot Oil Heaters and control panels from Reliable Asphalt Products feature all these great specifications:

  • Sizes ranging from 1.5 million BTU on up
  • Skid-mounted and fully plumbed for ease of installation
  • Site level indicator
  • Automatic controls
  • Webster combination burner, allowing for use of various fuel types
  • depending on your requirements
  • Fully modulating burner
  • Large coil diameter for efficient thermal transfer
  • Coil sections are built to ASME standards
  • Double-pass design for higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Heavy duty ¼” shell with multi-layer industrial grade ceramic insulation
  • Optional stack-mounted thermal economizer to increase efficiency
  • Pre-wired and factory mounted control panel
  • Remote system monitoring with start-up and shutdown ability

If you’re considering a new Burke Hot Oil Heater our team has the expertise to walk you through all the benefits of this design. These heaters feature dry wells so all devices can be charged while the heater has oil in it, making yearly maintenance a fast and easy task. You will appreciate the heater’s 3” plumbing on both sides of the unit allowing for easy access for sludge cleanout. The pump is mounted conveniently in the front with flex pipes on both sides to isolate the heater from vibrations. And finally, our simple, easy-to-use controls were developed in-house and offer the latest technology including remote system monitoring and start-up and shutdown ability.

Whether you looking to replace or upgrade your worn-out existing equipment or have an emergency breakdown situation, Reliable Asphalt Products has the experience to get you up and running fast -eliminating costly downtime. The Burke high-efficiency Hot Oil Heater is unmatched in the industry for superior quality, reliability and workmanship, and is backed by a team of skilled in-house professionals willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Vertical AC Tanks

Liquid AC Storage capacity and its accurate distribution is crucial to today’s HMA producers.  Utilization and storage of various mix designs can add versatility to any hot mix operation.  However, these new liquid asphalts are expensive to purchase, difficult to store, and sometimes very complicated to utilize. Accurate control of these asphalts is a critical aspect of plant operation when 0.1% can mean the loss of thousands of dollars.  These reasons are why Reliable Asphalt Products has designed a comprehensive line of AC handling systems to precisely measure and control the flow of liquid AC more accurately than any competitive system on the market.

Features Include

  • More usable storage capacity than any competitive system
  • Unique coil bundle design maximizing heat transfer
  • Capacities from 10,000 to 40,000 gallon
  • All necessary plumbing connections factory install vertical tanks six
  • Heavy duty steel construction, industrial grade insulation and dent resistant skin
  • Integral structural base assembly and checkered plate roof with OSHA approved handrails
  • Superpave and PMAC capability
  • Stationary, portable and vertical arrangements available

Our efficient space saving vertical tanks are designed to provide optimum heating, storage and agitation for all types of liquid asphalts.  Every one of our tanks are covered with a thick layer of industrial grade insulation, specifically designed large coil bundle for maximum heat transfer, and equipped with a heavy-duty agitation system for proper blending of liquid AC at high temperatures. Capacities from 10,000 to 40,000 gallons are available.

Portable Tanks

Reliable Asphalt Products portable liquid AC storage tanks are designed, manufactured, and equipped with the same outstanding features found on all of our stationary tanks.   Our portable tanks are ruggedly built with a sturdy channel frame construction and reinforced throughout.  Our frame is available in single, dual and tri-axel arrangements.  A gooseneck platform is supplied as a mount for our optional hot oil heater. Portable tanks are available in various sizes ranging from 10,000 gallon to 30,000 gallon arrangements depending on your requirements.

Calibration Tanks

Calibrate your metering skid in a quick, safe, cost effective manner with our new calibration tank.  This innovative system eliminates the costly, time consuming, and unsafe procedures normally associated with asphalt calibration.  Our 1000 gallon tanks are offered in both stationary and portable arrangements.

Pump & Metering Skids

Precisely meter expensive liquid AC into any drum mixer or continuous mix plant operation with our pump and metering system.  This state-of-the-art package allows for highly accurate liquid flow measurement and long-term reliability.  Our asphalt pump and metering system is designed to provide simple, reliable, and precise change in flow rate as required by the asphalt production process.  Reliable Asphalt Products pump and metering system is skid mounted with all the necessary plumbing and wiring completed and ready to be installed on the producer’s equipment.

In-Line Pre-Heaters

A new Reliable Asphalt Products in-line pre-heater makes heavy oil a viable alternative to expensive natural gas.  This system is specifically designed multiple heating sections to preheat number 4, 5, 6 fuel oils, or waste oils to a designated temperature.  Engineered for efficiency and dependability, our in-line pre-heaters are engineered to eliminate hotspots in areas of poor circulation present in inferior pre-heating systems.

Burke CSS2000 HOH Burner Control Box

Reliable Asphalt Products proudly offers the asphalt industry the most accurate remotely monitored hot oil heater control system on the market. All control panels are manufactured to meet or exceed stringent National Electric Code Standards. Our control housings are NEMA 12, 13 rated and protect all the UL approved internal electronic components.  Our panels include analog inputs / outputs and digital controls over all switchgear, which provide unparalleled control and unmatched accuracy. All CSS2000 panels, both new and retrofit kits, are internet ready for remote access.

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