About Us

About Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc.

Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc was founded in 2001 with the goal to provide equipment and services to every asphalt plant customer. Located in Shelbyville, Kentucky, Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc is the hotmix asphalt industry’s most comprehensive asphalt plant equipment supplier worldwide; with the highest standards of quality, excellence, and reliability.

Not only will you find the best selection of new and used asphalt plant equipment at Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc, but you will also encounter professional, experienced technicians.  Rigorously trained in-house, our dedicated crews are ready to assist you with everything from planning, designing, selecting to maintaining your asphalt plant equipment.  You can rely on us to help you improve plant production capabilities, reduce downtime and in turn, boost corporate profitability.

Reliable Used Asphalt Equipment For Sale

Reliable Asphalt Products strives to serve our clients by providing the highest standard of quality and reliability in used asphalt equipment for sale.  In today’s competitive market, HMA producers look at us to improve their production, decrease downtime and save money.  When buying used asphalt equipment from Reliable Asphalt Products, you can rest assured knowing that you have a partner in the asphalt business that understands what it takes.  

We are a single-source supplier providing every part, component, and service needed to successfully run and maintain an asphalt plant operation.  Complete New, Used and Reconditioned Plants; both batch and drum, portable, stationery and skid mount arrangements. We also provide:

  • Silos
  • Drag Slat Systems
  • Recycle Systems
  • Controls
  • AC Handling Equipment
  • Dryer / Drum Rebuilds and Replacement
  • Cold Feeds
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Baghouse and Dust Handling Systems
  • Flighting Systems
  • Complete Selection of Parts and Components!

Proud Dealer of Reliable New Asphalt Equipment

If you’re looking to upgrade your asphalt plant operations with quality, new asphalt equipment, Reliable Asphalt Products has you covered.  We are proud to offer these quality brands and new asphalt equipment.  If you aren’t sure where to start, contact our knowledgeable staff who can guide you along the way to finding the best solution to meet your needs and your budget!

  • AMC Asphalt Machinery Corp.
  • Burke Heating Equipment
  • MINDS Asphalt Plant Control Systems
  • Vulcan Burners
  • RapSaver – Recycled Asphalt Pavement Saver
New Equipment from Reliable Asphalt Products

Reliable Asphalt Services

One of the best things about Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc. is our full service and industry expert advice.  Our specially trained staff can walk you through every phase of plant setup, production, and maintenance.  As your partner in the asphalt industry, Reliable Asphalt Products offers everything you need to keep the operation running like a well-oiled machine.

When it comes time to repair, service or update your asphalt plant operations there is no better choice than Reliable Asphalt Products.  Our experienced field technicians have thousands of hours of retro-fit and maintenance experience. Many clients come to us for professional advice on designs, updates, maintenance, services, and more.  Some of our asphalt plant equipment services include:

  • Professional advice on design, planning and plant setup
  • Asphalt plant equipment maintenance, parts, and repairs
  • Asphalt equipment installation and startup
  • Onsite painting service
  • Custom painting, logo, signs and decal application
  • Sandblasting and cleaning asphalt plant and equipment
  • Drying applications from sand, lime, wood chips and beyond
  • Much, much, more!

Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc. has you Covered

With over 18 years of experience in the asphalt plant equipment and service industry, we have industry-leading experts ready to get your asphalt plant operations up and running.  Whether you need advice, service, used asphalt equipment, new equipment or its time to make some updates, you can rely on us.  While Reliable Asphalt Products home office is located in Shelbyville, KY, there is no distance too far to help YOU.

Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc. has the experience you can rely on.  We work hard for you to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed so you can rest easy.  Give us a call today or stop by!

We stand behind our name. We are RELIABLE.