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New Equipment - Baghouses

Reliable Asphalt Products Inc produces baghouses to suit your company’s specific needs. Our baghouse systems are sized to maximize efficiency and when installed and sized properly can remove up to 99% of all particulates while still maintaining maximum airflow based on the plant production ratios. Baghouse systems are comprised of a primary dust collector, duct work, and the baghouse.

With options like stainless steel doors, our baghouses are built to last. Our pulse valves are ergonomically mounted for quick, efficient changes without the use of lifting equipment or specialized tools.

We also provide standard features such as epoxy coated top sections to lengthen the life of your product and protect against acidic decay. To make maintenance easier and much more cost effective, we have designed a bolt on removable auger on the trough section so that if the need ever arises, the repair or replacement will be much less expensive than our competitors product.

Through a specialized manufacturing process we construct our “tube sheet” material to resist deflection in extreme situations and provide the end user with many years of trouble free production. Our process includes water jet cutting and creating pressed sections that are more rigid for greater life expectancy.

To maximize your dust collectors efficiency, RAP baghouses are capable of operating with a variable frequency drive which creates a very linear airflow pattern, and uses much less energy than the tradition fan and damper system.

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