Silo Systems

Silo Systems

Complete Silo Systems – New, Used and Refurbished Silo Systems


Reliable Asphalt Products provides a complete line of new, used, and refurbished silo systems for any type asphalt plant.  We manufacture new silo systems from 50 ton to over 300 ton capacities.  All systems can be supplied with an array of batchers, bin top conveyors, drag slats and bucket elevators.  If you want to upgrade with a single or multiple silo add-on, we can help.  Reliable Asphalt Products has the largest selection of used equipment listings in the industry.  We can supply our customers with the finest used silo systems to match their production requirements.  We can also refurbish or retrofit any type of silo, existing drag slat, bin top conveyor or bucket elevator – all with new parts and components to improve production capability to meet original equipment specifications.


  • Any Size Silo from Single to Multiple Silo Systems
  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Industrial Grade Insulation for Maximum Heat Retention
  • Options for Hot Oil Heat or Electric Systems
  • OSHA-approved Handrails, Walkways and Checkered Plate Decking
  • Safety Gate Designs
  • Hi-low Bin Indicators
  • Liners Available

Available in Portable or Stationary

Material Transfer Components – New, Used, and Refurbished Bucket Elevators, Drag Slats, Bin Top and Belt Conveyors

Drag Slat Conveyors

All drag slat conveyors are custom engineered, designed, and sized for each specific plant requirement.  Our drag slats can include: ceramic wear plates or chrome carbide floor and side walls.  Hot oil or electric-heated bottoms, reinforced gusseted slats, idlers, sprockets and more are available.  We also offer used and refurbished drag slats.

Bucket Elevators

Reliable Asphalt Products supplies a complete line of bucket elevators designed for the highest production facilities.  Any size for any plant depending on your requirements is available.  Reliable can also refurbish and resize your bucket elevator to upgrade your plant to your needed specifications.  Used and refurbished options are available.

Bin Top Transfer Conveyors

Reliable Asphalt Products can supply new, used, or reconditioned bin top transfer conveyors per your specifications.  Our expert engineering staff can modify any used or existing bin top conveyor depending on your needs.  We can supply a bin top conveyor for a single silo on up to a large multiple silo arrangement.

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