Reliable Asphalt Products is proud to introduce a revolutionary new era in burners.  Vulcan Burners can be run on multiple fuels, simultaneously if required – any vaporized fuel, two liquid fuels, or any combination thereof.  Other game-changing features include a total air burner with a single motor and a coaxial blower which provides a near-linear fan curve allowing for more accurate control over air delivery to the burner and less excess air required.  There are optional blower mount configurations, and these burners are also easily converted from long to short nose.

The surface mounted combustion box is double walled and stainless steel, with an air venting system to help cool the unit.  Vulcan Burners are low maintenance – the direct driven fan has no belts or pulleys meaning no misaligned drive belts or adjusting of those components as found in other burners.  When maintenance is needed, the Vulcan Burner opens completely to allow for easy access.

Vulcan burners come equipped with an over-temperature safety switch for automatic shut down in case of overheating.   A second safety switch protects the unit in case the burner and fan/motor sections were to separate while in operation.

The 75 horse-power motor moves the same amount of air as other burners with larger motors – meaning energy efficiency and cost savings.  The fan intake is sound insulated for quieter operation.  The adjustable and automated flame shaper can be adjusted while the burner is in operation.  The burners are competitively priced, energy-efficient, and simply designed with minimum moving parts.  Vulcan Burners provide the safety, reliability, and power that other burners simply cannot match.

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