Standard Havens / Cedarapids Silo System

Standard Havens / Cedarapids Silo System

Condition: Used

Region: East

Mobility: Stationary

Size (Nominal): 300 TPH

EQ Type:  Silo System

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  • Model year 1998. Estimated 300TPH
  • 3 – 200ton Asphalt Silos
  • 52’ deck height, 12’6’’ drive height, 13’ drive width
  • Oil heat on silo cones and drag slat floor
  • Dual clam shell discharge gates with 30’’ discharge opening
  • Main drag slat 34’’ x 88’ x 53’’ deep
  • 75hp. No reject gate
  • Single strand 6’’ offset link chain with bolt on slats 5’’ x 5’’ w/ 3’’ kickers. Chromium carbide floor
  • Standard Havens Sliding 3 way transfer slat. 36’’ wide x 15’
  • 25hp with Dodge Maxam reducers
  • 4’’ pitch dual chain w/ 4’’ x 3’’ slats with 4’’ kickers. Chromium Carbide floor liners.
  • 48’’ of room under main drag discharge to transfer slat
  • Hydraulic pump and system intact.
  • Silo cone thickness readings: Liners installed in 2002
  • #1 .207.227.227
  • #2 .178.218.228
  • #3 .227.247.247
  • Steel cone liners and 24’’ steel tub wall liners
  • Underplant flop chute available, but Not Included.
  • This silo system is still in service, although they only intermittently run coldpatch out of this plant. Since 2016, 10,000 tons have been thru this system.
  • Since new it is reported they averaged 200,000tons a year until 2016 all limestone, when their new drum plant was put in to service.
  • The main drag slat chain looks almost brand new. One side of the three way looks brand new. The other side may be around 75%.
  • Inside of the silos are very clean. Weld seams are still risen and not worn off of the liners.

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