Portable Parallel Flow Drum Plant

Portable Parallel Flow Drum Plant

Condition: Used

Region: East

Mobility: Portable

Size (Nominal): 150 TPH

EQ Type: PF Drum Plant

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COLD FEED SYSTEM: There are (4) four 10ft X 12ft bins with extensions and dividers on a single frame complete. The 32 feeders are 9ft long and are driven by 5 hp dc motors. Each feeder feeds across a 3ft x 6ft screen. The 30 collector with 20ft incline stinger powered by a 10 hp motor. The cold feed system sits on adjustable legs. Aggregates then feed onto a 24 wide 56ft long, heavy channel frame belt scale conveyor.

PORTABLE PARALLEL FLOW DRUM: This Astec portable tri-axle parallel flow recycle drum is 8ft in diameter and 45ft long. It has a center entry recycle collar. The drum is trunnions driven by 2- 60 hp motor. A slinger conveyor introduces materials into the drum. The Hauck Jet burner burning nat gas. The drum dumps the dried materials into a 10ft x 30 single shaft pug mill coater. The dryer assembly is self erecting.

RECYCLE EQUIPMENT: The rap bin is 9ft x 12ft with a heavy duty grizzly. The entire unit including the bin, screen and belt .The 34 wide feeder belt is driven by a 5 hp motor. 35ft x 55ft incline weigh bridge conveyor to drum.

PORTABLE POLLUTION CONTROL: The portable Astec direct pulse baghouse has 768 bags 4 5/8 diameter and 8ft long. There is a total of 8,042 square feet of cloth that will effectively filter 42,000 cfm of dust-laden air at a 5.8 to 1 air to cloth ratio. All inlet and outlet duct work with an Astec size 442 fan, a 200 hp motor, inlet damper and stack are included. Dust is removed from the baghouse by a triple auger driven by a 5 hp motor ea. A newer 60 hp screw type air compressor provides the air.

CONTROLS: The relocateable control house is 10ft x 20ft. The Systems controls were upgraded recently. A motor control center with all starters and breakers is mounted on the rear of the baghouse assembly with soft starts for the Drum, Baghouse, Burner and Pugmill” . All S/O type wiring with quick disconnect plugs are included.

LIME SYSTEM: A 500 bbl lime silo with weigh pod and bin vent feeds a Pugmill Systems Model 300LA twin shaft pugmill that feeds on to drum charging belt.

LIQUID ASPHALT SYSTEM: There is a single Sellers Electrically heated tank and the AC metering pump included with this plant. The system includes all plumbing and unloading pump.

SILO SYSTEM: The mix is transferred from the drum into a 76ft x 24 drag slat which has a single 6 pitch roller chain and 7 deep slats and reject chute. There is a single stationary 150 ton ESSTEE silo. There is a Truck Mate 10ft x 70ft low profile truck scale.





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