Gencor Reverse Air Ultraflow Baghouse RAP-16388

Gencor Reverse Air Ultraflow Baghouse RAP-16388

Condition: Used

Region: East

Size: 74,000 CFM

EQ Type: Baghouse

SKU: RAP-16388


  • Model CFS-151, Model year 1998.16
  • 74,000cfm at 4.92 to 1 air to cloth ratio
  • 872 bags 13 ½’’ dia x 7’3″
  • Three spare rotors included. (These were removed from a different house and may need modified to fit)
  • Twin 125hp exhaust fan BCS49
  • Hopper auger feeds to the center 12’’ dia with 10hp drive
  • Electrical control cabinet included with rotor starters. Rotor timer not included.
  • Skid design on 81’’ tall leg extensions
  • No duct work included
  • Existing bags are reported to have at least another season on them.
  • One baghouse motor replaced January 2023
  • Top two sections of fan stack replaced new last year.
  • Baghouse passed stack test recently.
  • Includes VFD for Exhaust Fan

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