CMI Portable PTD-400 CF Drum Plant

CMI Portable PTD-400 CF Drum Plant

Condition: Used

Region: Central

Mobility: Portable

Size (Nominal): 400 TPH

EQ Type: CF Drum Plant

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  • CMI PTD400 counterflow drum
  • Starjet 580 longnose burner 100hp blower
  • Drum shell thicknesses are erratic ranging from .203 to .370.


  • CMI Rotoaire baghouse 418P
  • 60’’ exhaust fan with twin 125hp motors


  • CMI Portable recycle bin
  • 10’ x 14’ opening with grizzly and air cannon


  • CMI Portable scale conveyor with screen
  • 30’’ x 45’ with gravity takeup and wind guards
  • 4’ x 10’ Smico single deck screen


  • CMI portable 4 bin coldfeed
  • 10’ x 14’ openings 30’’ feeders 5hp AC drive with VFD panel for both sets of bins
  • CMI Portable 4 bin coldfeed feeding tail end of previous bins
  • 10’ x 14’ bin openings 30’’ feeders 5hp AC drive 30’’ collector


  • CMI portable energy center with space for control house
  • 2000amp Allen Bradley MCC, plug in cabling, Equipped with several VFD’s
  • Impulse II controls. EZ Loader loadout system


  • CMI Portable AC Tank split compartment
  • 15/15 split
  • CMI Hot oil heater nominal 2.0mbtu


  • CMI single compartment 30,000 gallon AC tank
  • Viking 3’’ unloading pump on gooseneck


  • CMI Self erect Silo
  • 95ton capacity 36’’ drag slat
  • 60hp TXT9 drive
  • Dual chain replaced last year with 25,000 tons on it. Cast floor also replaced at same time


  • Heatec heavy fuel preheater
  • HFP-100R model year 2003


  • 40’ portable parts van with many spare parts. 2 trunnions, flights, bearings, chain, spare micro motion Coriolis meter. etc.

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