Astec Portable Double Barrel Plant

Astec Portable Double Barrel Plant

Condition: Used

Region: East

Mobility: Portable

Size (Nominal): 300 TPH

EQ Type: CF Drum Plant

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Astec Portable Double Barrel Plant Complete

Nominal factory rating 300TPH.

Original Model year 1996


  • PDDC-735C Portable Double barrel

7’ diameter drum x 35’ long

Starjet 520 burner w/ 100hp blower running on natural gas

Right hand discharge drum with gravity feed inlet. Hydraulic erect. Quad axle portability

Astec warmix kit

150hp Rex Saturn drive

Railroad bearings on the trunnions

Shell thickness on inlet end from outer shell to inlet >.385.458.404.334.317.380.380.395.409.429

Shipping – 11’6’’ wide x at least 13’6’’ high x 52’ OAL

  • PBH-45 Astec Portable Pulsejet Baghouse

Nominal factory rating of 45,000cfm at 5.5 to 1 ratio

150hp single motor exhaust fan size 49

Currently equipped with 9’ diameter x 10’ horizontal cyclone

728 bags a t 4 5/8’’ x 96 ½’’ 104 bags at 4 5/8’’ x 84 ½’’ – 832 total bag count

Three auger bottom to cross auger with Dust slat. Dust slat rebuilt

Air compressor on rear of unit

MCC on rear of unit w/ 1200amp main breaker. Soft starts on exhaust fan, drum and burner blower

To be included: NEW Astec inertial separator w/ corresponding 52’’ ductwork as well as new cross auger and 12’’ x 14’ tube auger to discharge. This will replace horizontal cylclone and dust slat.

Shipping – 12’ wide x 14’ high x 73’ OAL

  • PCF-1012-5 Astec Portable Coldfeed system

5 bin unit 10’ x 12’ bin openings

24’’ flat feeders

3 bins 5hp AC drive w/ VFD’s 2 bins on Edicurrent

30’’ collecting conveyor with 25’ section to feed screen

Tri axle portability

Shipping 10’6’’ wide x 14’ high x 90’ OAL (69’ + 21’ rear overhand)

  • PSS412-60 s/p Astec Portable Scale conveyor with scalping screen

4’ x 12’ single deck Valuking screen

Steel spring design

30’’ x 60’ portable scale conveyor

Single axle portability

Shipping – 10’ 6’’ wide x 13’6’’ high x 65’ OAL

  • PRB814-50 Astec Portable Recycle bin System

8’ x 14’ bin opening 36’’ flat feeders with 7.5hp drive

3’ x 6’ single deck scalping screen under RAP feeder

30’’ x 50’ incline scale conveyor

Tandem axle portability

Shipping – 10’6’’ wide x 14’ High x 77’ OAL 61’6’’ plus 15’ rear overhang)

  • SEB10036 Astec Self Erecting Silo

100ton Capacity

36’’ wide main drag with single chin and Nihard casting floor liners

60hp drive with Rex Neptune reducer

Tri axle portability

Hydraulic erect capabilities

Air actuated chop gate

Control house mounted on gooseneck

Shipping – 12’ wide x 14’ High? X 72’ OAL

  • HAO-30 Heatec Portable AC Tank

30,000 gallon capacity

Model 30-PE

Was once direct fired

Viking Q34 AC unloading pump on gooseneck. 3’’ Viking pump on pump AC metering skid on rear

Shipping – 11’1’’ wide x 13’6’’ high x 70’6’’ OAL Tandem Axle

  • Heatec Hot Oil Heater (not on gooseneck)

HC-100 1.0mbtu. model year 1994

Powerflame combo burner currently running on natural gas

  • TES-40 Astec Electrical Station

PM96 blending controls w/ plug in cabling throughout

Sullivan Palatek 40D Air compressor

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