Almix Stationary Parallel Flow Drum Plant RAP-16618

Almix Stationary Parallel Flow Drum Plant RAP-16618

Condition: Used

Region: East

Mobility: Stationary

Size (Nominal): 66” x 26’

EQ Type: PF Drum Plant

SKU: RAP-16618


(3) 100ton Almix Silo System:

  • 19’’ x 60’ main drag slat with single strand 4’’ pitch chain. Chop gate in drag slat.
  • Main drag 30hp TXT7
  • Almix 3 way transfer slat 19’’ wide 25hp TXT7 drive
  • 2017 silo has ceramics in cones
  • 35’ deck height. 13’6’’ drive thru height
  • B Tek Truck scale 10’ x 80’

66” x 26’ Parallel Flow Drum Mixer:

  • Right hand discharge from burner end
  • Starjet 420, 36oz 40hp blower with silencer. Burner running on natural gas
  • Slinger feed inlet
  • Trunnion drive with (4) direct drive 10hp motors. NO recycle collar

Nominal 25,000 CFM Baghouse:

  • Currently all one piece.
  • Bags and cages need to be removed for transport
  • BCS300 exhaust fan with WEG external mounted VFD.
  • Single 60hp
  • The dust blower has been removed and is no longer included.
  • 15hp air compressor
  • 289 bags 6’’x10’ approx. 25,000cfm

AC Tank:

  • Nominal 20,000 gallon capacity
  • Coiled for oil heat
  • Heater, unloading pump and metering pump all on one skid

Heatec 2003 1.0mbtu Hot Oil Heater:

  • 3’’ 15hp LS224A unloading pump
  • 2.5’’ pump on pump metering 5hp K225 pumps

4 Bin 8’ x 12’ Cold Feed System:

  • 8’ x 12’ openings 24’’ feeders 3hp
  • 4 bin arrangement
  • Each two bin set feeds a single deck Syntron Linkbelt screen
  • (2) Syntron screens 3’ Wide x 4’ Long

Control House:

  • Single level control room with MCC in rear of unit
  • Systems Equipment controls
  • Plug in cabling receptacles

*Limited wiring available for this plant*

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