2009 Gencor UD300 Partial CF Drum Plant

2009 Gencor UD300 Partial CF Drum Plant

Condition: Used

Region: East

Mobility: Stationary

Size (Nominal): 300 TPH

EQ Type: CF Drum Plant


  • 8’7’’ diameter x 44’ long shell
  • Gencor longnose burner 100mbtu, 4-40hp trunnion drive, recycle collar, frame, support structure etc. 4 NEW spare trunnions included
  • Gencor Reverse Air Baghouse 50,000cfm. Complete new set of bags included. Twin city size 44 exhaust fan 125hp
  • 10’x 10’ Knockout box. 14’’ dust return auger
  • Gencor 5 Bin cold feed 10’ x 14’. Meeker 2 Bin cold feed 10’x14’ 30’’ feeders 5hp AC drive. 15hp 30’’ collecting conveyor
  • Deister Double deck screen 5’ x 10’ w/ deck selector
  • 30’’x 65’ virgin aggregate scale belt
  • Gencor Recycle bin 8’ x 14’.  36’’ feeder 5hp AC drive
  • Deister single deck recycle screen 4’ x 8’
  • 24’’ x 70’ recycle scale conveyor
  • Gencor 300TPH main drag slat 29’’ wide x 81’ long. Single strand chain. 75hp electric heat on floor
  • Gencor transfer slats 300TPH 32’’ x 16’ long. One incline and one flat
  • Plant would need silos, control house, controls, MCC, AC Tanks and a heater

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