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Leading in automation control systems & data management for the asphalt industry.

Asphalt Plant Control Systems & Automation

MINDS’ automation systems for asphalt plants, emulsion and modified bitumen plants, are renowned for reliability, configurability and accuracy. Designed from an operator perspective, ergonomics is utilized with the aim of facilitating a quick grasp of the system. State of the art technology enables modern mobile applications like LiveLoader™ or TankFarm™, remote access, dual workstation access and more. Our automation systems are used in hundreds of plants worldwide and more and more asphalt producers chose MINDS Control Systems as their preferred plant control solution. The production-level data forms the foundation that flows up the pipeline to our large-scope job/business management IT tools.

Asphalt Production Information Technology

Multi-site plant management, enterprise level ticketing, quality control, material usage and inventory, and performance metrics dashboards are all part of MINDS’ Control Systems Data Suite family of software products. MINDS’ information systems enable you to get the critical information that you need about your asphalt production and paving operations where you need it and when you need it. We are constantly innovating to offer the best solutions for plant managers, operators, and business managers.

Software, hardware, and information technology for the road construction industry since 1994 

MINDS Control Systems is a leader in advanced customizable asphalt plant control systems for Drum, Batch, combo/hybrid hot mix plants, emulsion and modified bitumen plants, silo load-out, ticketing and data management for the asphalt industry. The production-level data forms the foundation that flows up the pipeline to our large-scope job/business management IT tools. 

Trusted for over 25 years in 500+ locations worldwide

With over 25 years of industry experience, MINDS Control Systems have been installed in over 500 locations throughout North America, Europe and worldwide.


Asphalt Drum Plant Automation & Control

Designed from the ground up with the operator’s priorities, DrumTronic brings asphalt plants to a new level of extremely fi ne-tuned automation and control through an intuitive user interface and dedicated hardware.

DrumTronic Highlights

State of the art 

Dependable, accurate, reliable, and customizable. DrumTronic is ideal for a simple bitumen and aggregates blendingonly application, or comprehensive total plant control.

Clearly see your operations

 The human interface has been thoroughly designed in collaboration with actual operators. The layout of information allows for a quick understanding of the overall workings.

Always in control The operator remains in control and the process can be stopped and resumed anytime while direct control of motors is always possible.

“Within the first week of running we found mechanical deficiencies at every plant. Loadcells that were still working but did not calibrate out well. Asphalt content issue fixed. Vibrations being picked up by the tachs due to how the wiring was run. Safeties and limits that weren’t working. Overall, we have cut our downtime due to controls issues to zero hours across three plants.” Alex Berryman, The Allen Company


Asphalt Batch Plant Automation & Control

Designed with batch plant operators in mind, BatchTronic allows exceptional automation and control of asphalt plants through powerful and easy-to-use visual software combined with dedicated hardware.

BatchTronic Highlights

Multiple console options 

With the number of screens ranging from one to four and a ‘zero console’ option, the BatchTronic fits all types of asphalt plants and budgets.

Clearly see your operations 

The exact 3D representation of the actual asphalt plant reduces the learning curve needed to use the system.

Ultimate real-time control 

Timing is of the essence for batching processes. BatchTronic provides tools to understand and customize how actions are scheduled.


Emulsion & Modified Bitumen Plant Control

Based on the same platform as our successful asphalt plant automation systems, the Emultronic handles all phases of emulsion production and storage with many levels of safety checks and advanced features.

EmulTronic Highlights

Highly efficient, computerized plant controls

 EmulTronic™ is an advanced emulsion plant control system, modified bitumen control system and liquid terminal control system.

Clearly see your operations

 The EmulTronic system is scalable and fully expandable to adapt to existing production facilities as well as high-end modern fully integrated production plants.

Worldwide proven performance 

With happy customers around the globe, the proven EmulTronic system adds a level of automation that can be adapted to any budget and plant complexity


Multi-actuator, precision burner control software

Take the guesswork out of burner operations. BurnerControl is an affordable and effective retrofi t solution that can be fi nely tuned and profi led with separate air/fuel ratios. Improve the effi ciency and  safety of your burners.

BurnerControl Highlights

-Versatile, advanced system offering 4 analog or digital channels for an easy retrofi t of any burner

-Control can be fi nely tuned and profi led with separate air/fuel ratio control points

-Can use direct coupled actuators or any standard drive motor such as Barber Coleman EA57 (Hauck) or D810 drive motor (Gencor)

-Flame safety is achieved with Honeywell fl ame relays; dependable and cost effective

-Redundant high stack temperature safeties, both hard wired and software driven

-The burner safety chain is wired for fi rst out status and easy trouble shooting

-UL listed and NFPA compliant


Multi-actuator, multi-fuel, profiled control points

Integrated in plant control software or standalone version

Easy intuitive UI interface

UL Listed and NFPA compliant  

Low cost, easy retrofit of any burner


In-Cab Production Dashboard for Loaders

Still using clipboards or walkie talkies to keep your loader operators in the loop? LiveLoader displays all vital production information inside the cab of the loader on a digital tablet. Data is always accurate and always up-to-date.

LiveLoader Highlights

-Realtime dashboard of practical contextual information

-All vital production information and statistics available inside the cab in real-time

-Current mix percentages, next mix scheduled, feeders in use, amount of stone needed, levels and

no-flow sensors, plus time-to-empty countdowns are displayed 

– Information is graphically displayed for intuitive understanding

 -Available for Android devices and preferably runs on a ruggedized tablet permanently mounted in cabin


-Receive information from Minds DrumTronic and BatchTronic plant control systems with PlantConnect option 

 -Data transferred through data plan on  mobile (cellphone) network

  -All configuration data at the plant level allowing multi instances of LiveLoader to run concurrently


Remote monitoring of liquid tank farms & heating

Not on site? No problem. Now there’s a mobile app that integrates with desktop asphalt plant management software to remotely monitor liquid tank farms, tank heating, and boilers.

TankFarm Highlights

-Oversee critical operations anywhere you have cell phone reception

 -Real-time data is constantly communicated between plant’s control system (such as DrumTronic,   BatchTronic, or Emultronic) and the TankFarm app 

 -Monitor boiler conditions such as hot oil temperature, warm oil Temperature, pump status, and burner status

  -If the boiler or tanks aren’t running within set parameters, you’ll receive alerts on your phone  

-Warnings are sent as textbased push notifi cations to your smart phone, while Faults play a loud sound on your smart phone as well as sending the text notification


Real-time dashboard of multiple plants

Gain a 30,000 ft level of your company’s plants all in one powerful dashboard. Spot issues at glance, and drill down into production and job data.

PlantManager Highlights

-Multi-plant Dashboard: All key numbers per location

  -Individual Plant Production Details: See historical, time-stamped log of tonnage, RAP %, and moisture %  

-Individual Plant Energy Details: Measure current and historical energy consumption in KWh/T, BTUs/T or Therms/T. 

 -Individual Plant Trucking:  Review truck rotations and ticket information for each job  

-View information on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices  Current and historical data enabling comparison and improvement


Truck Loading Management Software

Use standalone for asphalt load out management or integrate with MINDS plant control solutions like DrumTronic and BatchTronic for a total production system.

LoadOut Highlights

-Operator can manage load out of material into trucks ready for delivery or load in of material to transfer 

 -Standalone or fully integrated with production computer

  -Highly visual interface makes it easy to see what is happening in real-time

  -Interface shows truck ID, material type, customer, job number, tonnage and number of drops  

-Software animates loading of asphalt into trucks as scale’s gross weight increases 

 -NTEP Certified

Compatible Scales

-Mettler Toledo 8530 

 -Rice Lake 120 

 -Rice Lake IQ Plus 710  

-Weigh-Tronix WI-127

 -Aurora Scale Mfg. Ltd. 

-Others on request


Job Ticketing & Management Software

Efficient ticketing and management software for asphalt plants to handle billing jobs, trucks, haulers, materials – use standalone or fully integrated with MINDS production systems such as DrumTronic, BatchTronic, and LoadOut.

Tessera Ticketing Highlights

-Allows users to quickly and easily print tickets invoices after material has been loaded on to a truck

  -Supports the ability to store customers, haulers, jobs, materials and trucks

  -Extremely powerful reporting capabilities, comprehensive external accounting interface and flexible printing system with highly customizable layouts and behavior

  -Software takes care of pricing the material, doing any relevant unit conversions, calculating the taxes and much more


-Use Standalone or integrate with our Plant Production software (image to right) 

 -Automatic unit conversion; system adjusts unit price based on units selected by the operator

  -Comprehensive material pricing rules; price material for specific customer and job  

-Handles multiple taxes, including tax-ontax; can account for tax increases that automatically take effect at a specified date

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